Within the ProRotor facilities, we have a paint booth that is operated by our resurfacing team throughout the working year.

This paint booth has been specially customised and designed for ProRotor to house aircraft from Robinson R22 to Sikorsky S-92A. 

Our qualified and experienced resurfacers have over 30 years experience within the aviation and vehicular industry.

ProRotor utilises an in house tinting system - Axalta, known as the leading global coatings company. Combined with the team's preparation bay located directly beside the paint booth, ProRotor is able to achieve a quality finish for its clients within an efficient time period. 


"All I can say is WOW! What a great job the team at ProRotor have achieved. In comparison to our other aircraft, our refurbishment from ProRotor exceeds all expectation,"

 - Daryll, Thai Aviation Service


Although ProRotor's paint booth resides in Australia, the resurfacing team also resurfaces aircraft shipped from overseas.

The team then packages the aircraft after the paint job is complete and sends it to the respective client.

With ProRotor, it is a simple and easy process to complete with quality always guaranteed.


ProRotor's newest venture, Ceramic Coating also known as "Nano Coating", is utilised for the finest finish on aircraft, vehicles and other objects.

The unique process of ceramic coating allows the object to set in an oven-like space, providing a UV, oil, pollutant and water resistant surface.