ProRotor prides itself on its maintenance facility and the range of aircraft our tooling and equipment supports.


Our airside hangar boasts a component overhaul facility with large airframe painting booth. Combined with experienced engineers,  ProRotor is leading the way with quality. 


– We offer the following maintenance for your aviation needs.

12 Yearly Inspection

In addition to maintenance, ProRotor specialises in 12 yearly inspections on a range of aircraft from Robinson R22 to Sikorsky S92.

The maintenance team here at ProRotor strive on these simple principles:

1. Time Efficiency - Complete the inspection on time.

2. Budget - Value for the inspection as well as a planned budget.

3. No Surprises - With ProRotor's 12 yearly inspections, every part of the aircraft is covered with immense attention to detail, leaving no surprises for our clients.

Maintenance Capabilities

• Helicopter Heavy Maintenance

• Aeroplane Maintenance

• Avionic Installations

• Painting & Refurbishments

• Heavy Structural Repairs

• Composite Repairs

• Modifications & EO’s

• Maintenance Management

• Pre & Post Leasing Inspections

• Cargo Hook Load Testing