The Hangar

Located at Caloundra Airport, the Hangar is large enough to house up to 6 helicopters. 

It includes offices for management staff, overhaul shop, paint booth, preparation bay and of course respectable areas for maintenance of aircraft. 

Paint Booth

Specifically designed for ProRotor, the resurfacing Paint Booth is customised as a roller booth with room to fit a range of aircraft. 

Backing on to the Paint Booth is a preparation bay with paint room housing the finest coating system in the world; Axalta. 

Helicopter Overhaul Shop

ProRotor's Helicopter Overhaul Shop  provides a range of services to all customers, clients and partners. 

Located directly beside the aircraft maintenance area, the Overhaul Shop contains parts, accessory options and customisations for any aircraft, along with great customer service and support.